Perfetti Van Melle adds Airheads frozen snacks to its range

Beloved confectionery manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle, is unveiling its first-ever Airheads ice cream and cream-based frozen novelties. Airheads has partnered with Koldwave Foods LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spring Creek Holdings, to create an assortment of frozen treats that capture the unique, tangy fruit flavour of Airheads candy.

"Airheads is a candy brand with a recognisable flavour profile that is translatable to the ice cream category," said Jerry Isaacson, CEO of Spring Creek Holdings LLC. "And our retail partners are embracing this. Virtually every buyer that we have met with has been impressed with the innovation that the new offering brings to the ice cream case."

Airheads ice cream is available in eight distinctive flavours, including blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, orange, green apple, pink lemonade, grape, and strawberry. The ice cream also incorporates ribbons of Airheads taffy, creating an innovative, never-before-seen combination. In addition to ice cream, Airheads' line of delicious frozen desserts includes the following cream-based frozen novelties: cups of the first-ever DitZ ice cream mini bites, sundae cups, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream squeeze-up tubes.