Pick Up A Picnic

In this case, it's takeaway picnics. In the UK the easing of the lockdown rules, allowing folk to socialise on parks, coincided with spring hot weather and holiday weekends. This meant that the demand for outdoor dining increased, and increase that was catered for by a massive array of takeaway picnics.

Now, picnic kits are nothing new, but what is new is the range and diversity of the places that are offering them. Previously it was mainly just dedicated picnic companies and hotels offering takeaway picnics. During lockdown, restaurants and pubs are now offering up their very own picnic kits and with that the exciting ingredients and innovations that come with the territory. So, we thought we would take a look at the best picnic that have sprung up over the last few weeks. So grab a blanket, a hat and a fly swat, it's time to talk takeaway picnics.

Haute Out Of Home

In a bid to keep their kitchen busy and the tills ringing some of the very best restaurants in the country are offering up takeaway and delivery picnics. As you would expect, this is the pinnacle of fine picnicking exhibiting named ingredients, obsessively sourced produce and perfect technique. If that is not enough, one restaurant is even serving a four-course tasting menu inspired by the Great British picnic.

Holiday Picnics

Another thing many will not be getting the chance to enjoy for a while is a holiday abroad. No strolling through a French market nibbling on saucisson or nipping into a Spanish bar for a glass of sherry and some tapas. Do not despair, as there is a solution and it comes in the shape of a picnic basket. Depending on your mood, that basket can come in a whole array of cuisines from tour of Spain through cheese or a sample of Sicily's finest pizza slices. What's more, as an added bonus you don't even need to hunt for your passports.

Classic Picnics

Many of the kits on offer include some picnic classics - a nod to the nostalgic trends being seen across much of food and drink during the pandemic. We are talking sausage rolls, quiche Lorraine, sandwiches, strawberries and packets of crisps. Although when it comes to many of these dishes, they have been given a modern upgrade. Truffle crisps, anyone?

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