Pret a Manger Adds Lobster Roll to Menu

British sandwich shop chain Pret a Manger has taken inspiration from Maine, USA, for the latest addition to its menu with its version of the lobster roll, served in a baguette.

Pret has added its own twist to the classic using a baguette rather than the habitual hot dog style bun. The new 'roll' is filled with red pepper and cucumber alongside the popular shellfish.

Head of Food Development at Pret, Hannah Dolan said: "Like the rest of the nation, we're hoping that temperatures will heat up for summer very soon. We wanted to add something to our menu that means even if our customers can't get outside and enjoy the sunshine, they can still enjoy a taste of summer at their desks! Our Lobster Roll, which is already a hit in the US, seemed like a great fit. We've spent hours developing the recipe, and tasting the product, to ensure we can deliver a delicious Maine Lobster Roll to customers here in the UK."

The new rolls will be introduced to shelves at 123 of the chain's stores on 12th June and, interestingly, come in at under £6 - expensive compared to many lunch time on-the-go sandwiches, but much cheaper than most lobster rolls out there. Pret recently announced that it has acquired fellow British food and drink retailer EAT. Find out more about Pret on its website.