Quenchers do-it-yourself anti bottles

Vapur has brought out its first series of do-it-yourself Anti-Bottles, the Quenchers, designed specifically for kids.  The Quenchers in four lovable characters – Bo, Lolli, Fuse and Splash – are on a mission to keep kids happy, healthy and hydrated while giving waste the boot!

Each Quencher Anti-Bottle comes with three sticker sheets of facial feature and add-ons, so kids can create a hydration companion that’s uniquely their own.  These anti-bottles are freezable, foldable and reusable, making them great for school lunches, field trips or any after school activity. 

"Since its launch, Vapur has always been a brand guided by innovation, design and fun," says Vapur Marketing Manager, Jenny Guy. "We wanted to develop a product that kids would absolutely love and that would not only help keep them healthy and hydrated, but also would educate them on the importance of using a reusable bottle."

Accompanying the Quencher Anti-Bottle launch is also the release of Vapur's online Quencher game. Kids (and kids at heart) can visit http://www.vapurquenchers.com/, create a Quencher and share their designs with friends. This website also includes a gallery of designs, character bios, wallpapers and coloring pages available for download.