Ruby Chocolate is everywhere this Easter

It's a trend we started reporting on back in 2017, and have tracked its rise from a niche flavour in baking, to what's not a high street trend making a big splash this Easter - Ruby Chocolate is on the shelves.

It recently hit the news that Aldi is selling a Ruby shaped chocolate 'egg' ... with the egg claim still clinging on despite there being no resemblance. The ruby is made from ruby chocolate, pink in colour, and Aldi claim to be the first to launch a ruby egg this Easter. Competitor supermarket chain Tesco is offering Ruby Kit Kat eggs, using the on-trend cocoa bean, while M&S is offering a very sophisticated angular ruby chocolate egg showing that this really is the colour and flavour of egg to be gifting this Easter.

Ruby chocolate made an impression on Valentine's Day, and it's made a splash over the other side of the world too - read out foodwatching Australia & Asia report from November here.

We will be doing a full round up of Easter trends after the event, so stay tuned for what we find on our trend travels.