Sainsbury's Becomes First UK Supermarket to Introduce Edible Insects

With the launch of its new £1.50 range of edible insects, UK supermarket giant Sainsbury's has become the first in the country to stock edible insects, often branded the future of food.

Described as "crunchy in texture with a rich smoky flavour", the new barbecue-flavour roasted crickets from Eat Grub are being put on sale in 250 stores across the country this month. Eat Grub was formed in 2014 to allow people living in Western countries to try a food source commonly available in other parts of the world.

Cooked or fried insects have long been a staple in the diet of many countries and people around the world, and form a topic that we have been reporting on and tracking for some time. Back in February we scripted a report looking at whether crickets are the new eco-friendly superfood. Read the Cricket Power report over on our trendhub.

Eat Grub says dried crickets contain more protein per gram than beef, chicken or pork, carrying 68g of protein per 100g, compared to just 31g of protein in beef. And edible insects are also said to be more sustainable than other meat, taking up less land and requiring less feed than livestock.

We also reported on the powers of Cockroach milk ... yes, we said it ... in a healthwatching report this summer. Definitely an alternative milk, Cockroach milk has also been picked up as another possible superfood following research over the past years. But, would you drink it? Read the report on our trendhub here.

Find out more about the Eat Grub company and its products on its website.