Sainsbury's Meat-Alternatives Sit Next to the Meat Counterpart

Sainsbury's supermarket is set be the first in the UK to sell meat-alternatives next to the real meat alternative. A trial run of the new product positioning started at the end of January at a number of stores around the UK with 26 meat-alternatives moving to the meat, fish and poultry aisle.

With 91% of Brits now adopting the modern 'flexitarian' diet, the change will now offer customers broader choice when browsing in the meat aisle by including a range of meat-free alternatives. A range of 26 meat-alternative products will sit within the new section including a selection of vegetarian and vegan burgers, sausages, meat-free mince and more.

Rosie Bambaji, plant-based buyer at Sainsbury's, said: "We're seeing increasing demand for plant-based products, and with the unstoppable rise of 'flexitarianism' in the UK, we are exploring further ways to make popular meat-free options more accessible. We hope that this trial will make our customer's shopping experience even more seamless, and we're looking forward to hearing their feedback."

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