seasonwatching Report - Halloween & Bonfire Night 2022

Our latest seasonwatching report is now live, a category we launched earlier this year which takes a deep dive into seasonal trend foresight separate to mernuwatching and categorywatching. The latest report covers all that we've been tracking across food and beverage during the recent Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations.

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It's estimated that Halloween spending is worth £687m and has seen an increase of £80m from 2021 (Finder, 2022), given that it is the first time in three years that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been celebrated with no restrictions, consumers are excited. However, with some national firework displays cancelled due to rising costs, there is also a focus towards more affordable ways to celebrate - sharing sticky cider onion hot dogs and parkin on bonfire night is both simple and delicious.

The report takes a look at Halloween & Bonfire Night across Retail Food & Drink, as well as Out of Home Food & Drink. To give you a taste of what's covered in the full report, we've collated three key takeouts, listed below.

1. A Healthier Season – In a season of all things sweet, there's also a slightly healthier side emerging. Some of the HFSS guidelines come into play in time for Halloween meaning that lower sugar and fat products get more feature space. We step away from the sugar (for a moment) as TikTok char-spookerie boards trend, and simple pumpkin cupcakes make a slightly healthier choice.

2. Delicately Does It – Spooky usually does the trick …until now! A softer side to the season emerges as enchanted forests and twinkling fairies come through in not only food and drink, but fashion and home décor too. Anything goes this year – whether it's children dressing us as their favourite cartoon characters or cutting into a Dracula shaped dog cake. With some firework displays cancelled, light displays offer an innovative, and quieter alternative.

3. Spookily Simple - Consumers are more time-pressed than ever and we're craving simpler ways to get into the spirit. TikTok provides a lifeline for inspiration and using store cupboard ingredients to create a spooky spider in less than 5 minutes (whilst providing bags of fun!) appeals to many. With time saving and flavoursome recipes, a simple tomato spaghetti with cheesy eyes is not only effective, but also is an affordable choice too.

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