Sergio Herman Launches New Luxury Chippie, Frites Atelier

Michelin-starred chef, Sergio Herman is set to launch a whole new concept to a chippie - the man behind Old Sluis has developed a luxury chip shop concept in the Netherlands called Frites Atelier.

After 26 years in the fine-dining business, Herman decided to try his hand at an entirely new sort of food concept, and together with business partners Peter Coins and Lhassan Ait Ali, he set out to start a potato revolution. It's no pipe-dream either, as the first Frites Atelier has already opened in the Hague and more will follow in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Utrecht. The greatest anticipation is around the Amsterdam store, which is to be their flagship and is also home to the Atelier concept.

Frites Atelier combines smart design with quality foods, bit it's a very different proposition to Herman's existing restaurants, The Jane in Antwerp and Pure C in Cadzand, which have both also earnt Michelin stars. Atelier Frites is about creating accessible food, using Zeeland clay potatoes, a selection of sauces with no preservatives or artificial additives and vegetables from Zeeland organic farm, Welgelegen.

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