Sheetz Launches New Coffee and Environmentally-Friendly Cups

Sheetz, one of America's fastest growing family-owned convenience retailers, is proud to announce the launch of its new Sheetz Bros. Coffee rolling out in over 500 stores companywide this August. The coffee features four signature blends with a light to dark progression, freshly ground in every store and served in a new environmentally-friendly cup.

"This new premium coffee elevates the sensory experience for our customers," said Ryan Sheetz, Director of Brand Strategy. "With four blends, seventeen creamer and flavour options and a full line of latte and mocha beverages, Sheetz customers have over 1,000 different ways to customise their coffee."

"The updated cups are fully recyclable, BPA-free and made out of #5 polypropylene – one of the safest materials used to package foods," Sheetz continued. "This implementation will divert approximately 2,300,000 cups from landfills every year."

The four coffee blends include Breakfast, Classic, Sumatra and French. The beans in the Breakfast, Classic and French Roast blends are sourced from Central and South America and the Sumatra bean is sourced from Indonesia. Amplifying these exceptional beans are brand new grinders in every store as well as modern grinding technologies producing a smoother, more composed taste profile. Every store location also has brand new state-of-the-art grinding and brewing equipment and trained baristas.

In celebration of the new coffee, Sheetz will be randomly selecting one lucky customer per day to win a $50 gift card during September. Customers who post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with their coffee using #KickintheBeanz will automatically be entered to win.

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