Sleep Well Introduces Valerian-Based Milk Drink To Help Travellers Sleep

Sleep Well, a family-run, Jersey-based company, has recently launched a new milk based drink that is designed to help busy people sleep when travelling, thanks to the herbal properties of its key ingredient, Valerian.

The drink is made using Jersey milk from founders Allan and Sam Watts' farm, together with added honey, vanilla and valerian - the acting from the valerian root, from which extracts have been used for centuries as a natural sedative.

The idea for the drink was founded on a restless flight 30,000 ft above the Atlantic Ocean, as Allan and Sam pondered over a natural drink solution suitable for all the family that could help you relax and sleep during a busy working lifestyle.

Sam Watts comments, "We've created a natural solution to a very modern and common problem. We all know it's really important to make time to relax and calm your body and mind as part of preparing to get a great night's sleep. But that's made harder when you are out of routine, adjusting to different time zones or in unfamiliar surroundings."

"We run our own business, which involves frequent travel, and juggle this with bringing up two teenage boys so we understand the stress and strains that our 'always-on' modern life can bring. We recognise the many benefits that result from getting a great night's sleep. It makes such a big difference to how you feel and what you can achieve every day – whether you are on holiday or travelling with work."

Sleep slide from healthwatching

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