The British Biscuit Festival 8 - 10th June

Raise your cup of tea in the air and rejoice in celebration of the humble biscuit. From rich tea to bourbon, custard cream to wafers, biscuits are deeply ingrained into the British consciousness. For three days only The Brunswick will be sending biscuits enthusiasts on a sugar rush with dream biscuit building workshops, teabag, art, cookie competitions and tea dances.

As a nation we have a proud history of the snack which has become a British icon. The festival will include:

Build-a-Biscuit Workshops

For those who yearn for more than a digestive to dunk in their tea, the build-a-biscuit workshop is a must visit. Biscuit fanatics can let their imagination run wild and make the treat of their dreams using an array of toppings such as peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate chips and frosted icing – the possibilities are endless. Help will be on hand from The Cake Conjuror for those who need a bit of inspiration on how to create the perfect biscuit. Donations collected from this activity will go towards the work of The Foundling Museum.

The Terrific Biscuit Tin Tournament

The Brunswick Centre is laying down the gauntlet and searching for the 2012 Biscuit Champion. For those who have mastered the art of eating a biscuit without licking away the crumbs, dunking cookies in tea without them going soggy or reciting a sonnet with a mouth full of digestives, this competition is a must. The tournament is free to enter, fun for all the family and prizes will be awarded for top competitors. Biscuits at the ready: to dunk or not to dunk – that is the question.

Tea and Biscuit Social

We reach for the biscuit in times of joy, woe and when the 4pm hunger pains can’t be satisfied any other way. Sit back, put your feet up and relax with a good cuppa. Adorned with vintage lamps, photographs of the Queen and frilly cushions, the tea and biscuit social is the ideal place to revive after a tough day in the office. Trolley dolly’s will be sharing their words of wisdom, relieving tired and weary visitors in need of a quiet five minutes to themselves away from the hustle and bustle of London. Designed by vintage and interior enthusiast The Bijoux Edtrix, the Tea and Biscuit Social promises to be a decadent haven for grownups to kick back and relax in.

Tea Dance

To keep the crowd of cookie monsters entertained there will be a variety of performances from the Ragroof Theatre and secret spectacular acts on Friday and Sunday. People of all ages will be encouraged to join in the celebrations by singing, dancing and getting merry.


As a nation we love nothing more than indulging in a good biscuit and a cup of tea with friends. However, The British Biscuit Festival is looking for those who like to get a bit more creative. The Brinswick centre is challenging those with a sweet tooth to conjure up an original work of art using biscuits as the sole ingredient.