The Continued Rise of Hard Seltzers

Hard Seltzers continue to be a huge success story in the drinks industry with sales reportedly up 350% in the year to date; and this is no longer just a US based drive as the trend spreads around the world. Given these drinks are low in alcohol, super accessible and seen as an year-round drink there's no signs of this trend slowing.

We've explored the Hard Seltzer category over in a recent drinkswatching report to take a closer look at what we've been seeing around the world, from flavours, seasonality, branding and more. To give you a feel for the report, here are a few key takeouts.

Goin' Global - almost every country now has had an onslaught of companies launching their own craft hard seltzer with one exception, Japan, who have had their own version of canned hard seltzer for years - Chu-Hi, made from shochu liquor with carbonated water and a freshly squeezed citrus fruit.

Micro Crafted - much like the craft beer boom, small scale breweries are making artisanal hard seltzers - with local suppliers, fresh ingredients and provenance high on the agenda. What started as a trend in large scale drinks companies has already filtered down to a micro level and innovation is rife.

Functional Seltzers - like many other drinks formats, hard seltzers have also taken on the functional challenge. Offering more than just alcohol sparkling water and fruit juice. There are CBD-infused seltzers to help you relax, as well as 'hydrating' seltzers full of electrolytes.

Subscribers can read the full drinkswatching report on Hard Seltzers over on the Trendhub here. Those not yet subscriber but keen to find out more can get in touch using the contact details below.