Tornado Omelette

Hold onto your hats, folks, there is a new internet egg sensation spinning out of Korea - the Tornado Omelette. This twisted, cone-shaped omelette is just one of a long line of egg dishes to blow out of Asia and onto our smartphone feeds.

All In A Spin

The tornado omelette is pretty similar to the omurice - it is served slightly runny (as the French would say- baveuse) on top a mound of savoury rice with a slick of beef sauce. The main difference is that the tornado omelette is twisted during cooking with a pair of chopsticks. A technique that is a little easier than omurice and creates just as an impressive effect. One that looks similar to an eggy volcano or upside-down tornado.

Whirlwind Eggs

The tornado omelette, like all omelettes for that matter, is all about technique. A hot pan, good timing and a non-stick surface are all key to creating the spiral shape. Once perfected (which can take a bit of practice) the omelette is then slid onto a mound of savoury rice often flavoured with peppers and ham. This is then surrounded by a rich, thick beef sauce (similar to demi-glace) sometimes flavoured with Japanese style curry stock cubes

Stand Out

If boiled down to ingredients this is basically eggs with rice and beef sauce, what standing it apart is the simple culinary art on show each time this dish is created. It is trending because of this artistry.

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