Toronto Becomes First Canadian City To Be Featured In Michelin Guide

Toronto has become the first Canadian city to be featured in the Michelin Guide in recognition of the culinary talent it harbours as 13 restaurants receive stars.

Twelve restaurants from Canada's largest city received one star in the awards from over 70 restaurants that had been highlighted and reviewed by the Michelin team, while one further restaurant received two stars - Sushi Masaki Saito, from chef Masaki Saito who had previously ran a two-star restaurant in Manhattan before relocating his successful restaurant to Toronto in 2019. Saito focuses on the purity of its seasonal ingredients which often arrive directly from Japan for a menu that includes the 'omakase experience', whereby you place your trust in the chef with a blind tasting menu that incorporates some of the world's most pristine seafood.

The other 12 restaurants to feature in the guide are Aburi Hana, Alo, Alobar Yorkville, Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto, Edulis, Enigma Yorkville, Frilu, Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto, Osteria Giulia, Shoushin, Quetzal and Yakashi.

The selection comes at a key time in recovery for the visitor economy. The pandemic resulted in an economic loss of $12.5 billion through unrealized visitor spending in Toronto in 2020 and 2021. The food service industry is the largest employer among tourism businesses in Canada, accounting for over half of tourism jobs, and Canada's agriculture regions provide the foundation that feeds Toronto's culinary community. From wine regions to quality local produce and farm-raised animals, Ontario farmers grow more than 200 different agricultural products on 49,600 farms across the province.

The MICHELIN Guide selection follows Michelin's historical methodology, based on five universal criteria, to ensure each destination's selection equity: 1) quality products; 2) the harmony of flavours; 3) the mastery of cooking techniques; 4) the personality of the chef in the cuisine; 5) consistency between each visit (each restaurant is inspected several times a year).

Vancouver will be the next Canadian city to feature in the Michelin guide as it expands it reach across the nation.