Two Years Since The Launch Of Future Foods Tracker

It has now been 2 years since the Future Food trend tracker was launched, a collaboration between thefoodpeople and Good Sense Research which grounds food trends foresight in consumer readiness insight. This reporting sees us monitoring consumer behaviour to create a monthly Future Food Trend Tracker which sets out to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance, readiness and importantly how that manifests over time.

How does it work?
The tracker is sent to Good Sense's nationwide consumer community and aims to get 400 people completing the tracker a month. We then report this on a quarterly basis for those who subscribe to Future Food and through our social channels.

To round up the last 2 years of research, Charles Banks, Co-Founder of thefoodpeople and Kelly Dowson, Managing Director of Good Sense Research recently spoke at HRC and presented the key learnings and takeout's from the future trend tracker to date with a look forward to what we can expect from 2022 in plant-based, sustainability and cuisine.

To receive the reports and find out more about Future Food this exciting collaboration between thefoodpeople and Good Sense Research click here.