US launch their first virtual grocery store with, America’s leading Internet grocer, has launched more than 100 virtual grocery stores at commuter rail stations in Boston, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. 

The first of its kind in the U.S., the virtual store technology features billboards of larger-than-life grocery aisles on the train platforms.  Commuters with iPhones, iPads or Android phones simply scan a QR code on the billboards to download a free PeapodMobile app and start shopping on the spot by scanning bar codes of the products displayed in the "aisles."

Peapod has teamed with national consumer products brands, including Barilla®, Coca-Cola®, Kimberly Clark®, Proctor & Gamble® and Reckitt Benckiser® to redefine when, where and how consumers knock out the task of grocery shopping.  On average, commuters in Peapod markets spend an hour in transit to and from work each day.  With the Peapod virtual grocery stores, they can get orders started, make selections from Peapod's entire online store, and schedule home deliveries -- for next day or even several days or weeks in advance -- making the most of their train rides.

"Getting your groceries on the way home from work just got a whole new meaning," said Mike Brennan, COO, Peapod.  "With schedules that are more demanding than ever and people spending 200+ hours a year in transit, our hope is that consumers will take advantage of our virtual stores and mobile app while they're on the go and enjoy the time saved when they're at home."