Veganuary 2021

In only a handful of years Veganuary has transitioned from a fringe movement to that of a campaign which creates sustained plant-based change from individuals, motivating brands and businesses to join the movement, seeing it shift into the mainstream more than ever before.

Tastes Like Chicken

Last year you would be forgiven for thinking the word 'Veganuary' was synonymous with beef alternatives, particularly those which could pass as 'the real thing' for many consumers. This year was all about chicken however, utilising the likes of jackfruit and soy protein to name a couple, in order to create familiar treats.

thefoodpeople Senior Trend Analyst, Shokofeh Hejazi commented: "Move over 'bleeding' burgers, because this Veganuary has seen tonnes of interesting chicken alternatives launched. From crowns to kievs, nuggets to burgers, and plenty in between – there's been fast paced innovation in plant based chicken alternatives that look and taste like 'the real thing.'"

Pure Comfort

Consumers are seeking comfort through food, and for many – carbs are firmly back on the agenda! Think pizza, pasta, noodles, pies, sandwiches and more. So it's no surprise that Veganuary has seen lots of launches that firmly tick the 'comfort food' box, from traditional fare to inventive new twists.

More Veg, Please

Undeniably there is a myriad of reasons to pursue veganism, with many in the mainstream seeing it as a great opportunity to establish a healthier diet in general, feeling better themselves and making the planet a better place as a result of this.

"For some consumers, adopting a plant based approach for Veganuary (and beyond) is not just about ethical and environmental concerns – it's also about making healthy choices, and getting more fruit and veg in their diet. Cue, lots of dishes and products launching that celebrate vegetables as the star of the show – and champion their 'five a day' credentials."

Breakfast and Brunch

Be it the weekend treat or the remedy for a lockdown hangover, replicating the satisfaction of a bacon roll and the like has been a weak spot for many participating in Veganuary, unable to hit the right note. However, this year seems to have started to shift this perception, seeing more plant-based meats on the breakfast table.

"Ask anyone trying their hand at veganism for the first time, what they miss most – and there's a good chance they'll respond 'bacon, of course'. Lucky for them, this Veganuary has seen lots of exciting launches in the breakfast category – not just plant based bacon, but also eggs, sausages and baked goodies… sometimes all rolled into one, in the guise of ever popular breakfast sandwiches."

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