VSOA arrives in the US

A legendary spirit produced exclusively in Sri Lanka, VSOA, enjoys a cult-like following by those fortunate enough to have discovered this rare beverage. White Lion has now brought this highly sought-after spirit to the US, so you’d better keep an eye out on those cocktails menus!

VSOA owes its existence to a group of spirits known collectively as arrack. As early as 800 B.C., countries began to distill alcohol from a variety of ingredients. Many used phonetically similar words (arrack, arak, etc.) to name their spirits. Sri Lanka chose the nectar of coconut flowers. The flavor was so unique, Marco Polo immortalized this wonderful spirit in his travel diary, Il Milione. Soon after, the British Royal Navy adopted arrack as a replacement for rum rations in Southeast Asia.

"VSOA defines an entirely new class of spirits for bartenders and consumers. Whiskey and rum drinkers alike are drawn to its exceptionally unique flavor. I've never seen a spirit enjoy such broad acceptance among drink enthusiasts," said Kathleen Adolphson, Executive Brand Director, White Lion.

Whiskey and rum drinkers appreciate VSOA's fruit forward intensity and absence of traditional malt characteristics. This distinctive flavor originates from naturally fermented nectar of coconut flowers. Rich in natural sugars and yeast, the nectar self-ferments without any additives. By focusing on a single ingredient, distilling within 24 hours and maturing 2 years in native Halmilla wood, White Lion obtains a purity and quality unmatched by other spirits.

VSOA is available in 750ml bottles at a suggested retail price of $24.99. While 16th century sailors drank this spirit in punch and grog, new world drinkers enjoy VSOA with cola, ginger beer or as an alternative to whiskey and rum in traditional cocktails.


About White Lion Imports, LLC

White Lion Imports is based in Woodland Hills, CA and is the exclusive North American importer of VSOA, the world's only spirit distilled from a single, naturally fermented ingredient. 36.8% ABV. For more information, visit http://WhiteLionVSOA.com