Waitrose Begins Drive Through Collection Service

Supermarket retailer Waitrose has started a new drive through collection service, for those who have ordered groceries online, across 70 stores in hope of helping customers still unable to shop in store due to COVID-19.

The service itself shall operate from the store car park, with dedicated collection bays, where a member of staff shall greet each customer and oversee the collection of their pre-booked shopping.

This shall also include goods purchased from John Lewis at Waitrose sites twinned with the department store.

Customers will be able to contact Waitrose directly ahead of collection, helping to minimise unnecessary waiting times and ensure there is no need to exit the vehicle in order to obtain their shopping.

Like many stores, Waitrose has brought about these changes as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking to protect the health of their loyal customer base, while also providing them a familiar and much valued service.

The creation of the drive through system will allow for greater social distancing to be adhered to, primarily by reducing the number of people in store, thanks to the nature of the car park based collection service.