Wolfgang Puck Coffee Brings Compostability Full Circle

In an ongoing effort to make products, packaging, and practices more sustainable, Wolfgang Puck Coffee is proud to announce their new zero-waste single serve coffee pods.

Wolfgang Puck's coffee pods have long been made from completely compostable material, but the introduction of Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified 100% Compostable packaging film makes the new product and package completely compostable, creating absolutely no waste. This innovative new film combined with a nitrogen flushed packing process keeps each pod free of oxygen, preserving the quality of the freshly ground coffee.

After enjoying your morning cup, coffee, pod, and packaging can all be thrown directly into your compost bin. Unlike biodegradable products, compostable items decompose into all natural elements within one to four months. Biodegradable materials can take years to completely decompose, and often leave trace metals behind. Compost will naturally break down in to a nutrient rich mixture that can be used to nurture a new generation of plants, and start the cycle again.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee is roasted and packaged in a Roaster of the Year awarded facility that uses 100% Bullfrog Powered® Green Energy harvested from wind power. In addition to compostable single service coffee pods, select blends are available in EcoCup™ capsules, compatible with all Keurig® K-Cup® machines. Both can be purchased through www.wpcoffee.com.