Wonka Ice Cream!

The infamous Mr Wonka introduces his ice creams thus….

A good day to you, connoisseurs of creamy concoctions. I Willy Wonks, am proud to announce my latest invention, Wonka Ice Cream. Seven delightfully decadent flavour so good, they’ve flipped their lids so you won’t’

Packaged upside down in true whacky Wonka-style, the Oompa-Loompas have designed flamboyant names and psychedelic packaging to make you want to stock your freezer with the lot. Sadly though, at the moment, they can only be found at retail locations in northern California, and Reno, NV.

Here’s all 7 flavours;

Kerfuffle Truffle – chocolate ice cream with chocolate truffles and swirls of fudge

Chipperberry Swirl – black raspberry and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips

Chocolate Mintropolis – chocolate ice cream with peppermint patties and chocolate mint cookies

Caramel Nut Kadoozle – caramel ice cream with mixed nut brittle and walnut caramel swirl

Chocolate Chipper Chip – vanilla ice cream with chocolate and potato chip bark pieces

Chocolate Snowflakes – vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes

Kernelpuff Caramelstuff – caramel corn ice cream with popped kernels, pecan pralines and salted caramel swirls

Good luck when asking for them by name! http://www.wonkaicecream.com/