World's Largest Beef Company Launches Three Flavours of Next-Level Vegan Bacon

The world's largest beef company, US-based JBS Foods, is launching what it describes as next-level vegan bacon through its plant-based subsidiary Planterra Foods brand - Ozo Plant-Based Bacon.

Ozo's new plant-based bacon uses Planterra's True Bite technology, a proprietary way of creating a more meat-like texture. The new vegan alternative is available in three flavours: Cracked Black Pepper, Applewood Smoke and Spicy Jalapeno.

Of all the plant-based alternatives, bacon is one of the key food items that often sparks most debate with both consumers and producers alike due to the difficulty in creating a valid alternative, one that actually tastes like the original and carries realistic textures. Many have tried but with one of the largest meat companies in the world now putting their name to a new product it's well worth a look at.

At OZO, we know you love bacon. Sizzling, crispy, delicious bacon. So we created True BiteTM bacon….out of plants. Sizzling, crispy, delicious plant-based bacon.

With our signature flavors, zero cholesterol and over 50% less saturated fat than pork bacon, this bacon will satisfy all your bacon cravings, from morning until night.

Find out more over on the Ozo Foods website here.