YouTube Influencer MrBeast Launches New Snack Range In UK

YouTube celebrity MrBeast has launched his new snack range in the UK, available direct from his Feastables website - the Deez Nuts chocolate and peanut butter bar, and a puffed rice chocolate bar, Crunch.

Mr Beast, aka James Stephen Donaldson, is one of the most successful YouTubers to date, amassing a subscriber base of over 160 million on the video platform through his content which revolves around expensive to perform stunts and challenges. Outside of his YouTube content, Donaldson has successfully turned his hand to several other branded ventures, including the MrBeast Burger QSR delivery-only restaurant chain which is available across major food delivery service apps in the US since launching back in 2020, and in the UK since 2022.

The latest snacks from MrBeast's online range all follow the same format as those previously launched - using organic ingredients and devoid of any artificial flavours. Already existing in the snack range are the Karl Gummies and MrBeast Cookies.

The new Deez Nutz chocolate snack bar is described on the website as an explosion of chocolate peanut butter flavour; creamy, dreamy milk from grass-fed cows; only 7 ingredients; made with organic cocoa. The new MrBeast Bar Crunch also contains just six ingredients and uses grass-fed milk and crispy puffed rice.

Find out more about the snack range on the Feastables website here.