ZOE And Waitrose Launch The ZOE 30-Daily Whole Food Supplement In Stores

ZOE and Waitrose partner up to launch the nutrition brand's first-to-market daily whole food supplement into stores around the UK this month.

ZOE's Daily30+ is a savoury mix of seeds, herbs, nuts, legumes and functional mushrooms, formulated to provide the diversity of over 30 plants and introduce over 35 different types of fibre in just one scoop. The supplement is being stocked in Waitrose's Food-to-Go snack category making it a healthy addition to their convenient salads range.

The whole food supplement can be added in so many simple ways, like to avocado and eggs for a delicious breakfast, sprinkled over your favourite fresh salad at lunchtime or scattered over a classic pasta dish for dinner.

This exciting new partnership forms part of Waitrose's wider health ambition to make it easier for customers to make healthy choices, while still enjoying great tasting food.

Charlotte Di Cello, Waitrose Commercial Director said: "We are excited to be saying hello to ZOE in Waitrose, starting with this exclusive product launch. Our partnership enables us to tap into ZOE's expertise, which is led by science, and help our customers make more conscious choices.

"I've found it simple to include Daily30+ into my diet, whether it's sprinkled over a salad, scrambled eggs or even through the kids' favourite spaghetti bolognese. I'm looking forward to seeing how our customers use it, and like me feel the benefits of eating more plants.

"This is just the beginning of our focus on health, so watch this space for more next year."

Sara Gordon, GM ZOE Daily30+, said: "Through our partnership with Waitrose, we're excited to help customers level up their lunches and enjoy delicious, healthy meals even when they're on the go. Daily30+ packs more than 30 plants, and our clinical trial proves that it benefits energy, digestion, constipation, sleep and mood. Together with Waitrose we're making it easier to build healthy habits, and hope people not only enjoy adding the Daily30+ to their favourite dishes, but feel great as a result."