Laverstoke Park goes wild with new BBQ range

It's time to light up the BBQ and take to the great outdoors for some alfresco cooking; Laverstoke Park Farm's BBQ meat boxes, cuts, burgers and sausages are on hand to make for a great tasting grill-filled summer.

But cast thoughts of 'yet another burger' or 'what more sausages' aside because they've got something a little more interesting in their box of goodies. Do the sound of wild boar and chorizo burgers, buffalo and horseradish burger and the buffalo chilli burger get the juices flowing?

Or how about some traditional South African boerewors - a ring sausage made from the finest pork and beef blended with herbs. Still need convincing – OK, here's the last attempt: A complete BBQ and beer box (£54.99) – yes? Gotcha.

Now go and make that potato salad!