Pizza Pilgrims Launch Nutella Ring Pizza Cafe At Carnaby Street Location

Pizza Pilgrims in London's Kingly Court has welcomed a sweet new addition this month with a new Kiosk for Nutella and chocolate stuffed rings. The Kingly Kiosk, being described as the 'Nutella Ring Pizza Café', is serving up rings of their popular dough filled with a selection of chocolate options, including sweet-toothed favourites Mars, Bounty, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and also Kinder Bueno bars.

The new set up opened on 30th January also serving up £1 espressos each morning before then switching into a takeaway bar in the evening with drinks including Aperol Spritz, Ferrero Rocher Espresso Martinis and beers from Camden Town Brewery.

On their Instagram, Pizza Pilgrims said: "The Circle of Crust is ALIIIVEEE!! Swing by our Kingly Court Kiosk for Nutella and chocolate stuffed rings. Yuuuup that's right: ricotta, lashings of Nutella and your fave chocolate bar, all baked in our pizza dough. The perfect snack, sweet lunch or office treat. ONLY available at our Kingly Pizzeria! So...which bar you going for?!"

Find out more about Pizza Pilgrims here.