Viral Mr Beast Chocolate Snack Bars Hit Shelves At Asda And Spar Stores

The viral Feastables chocolate snack bars from YouTuber Mr Beast are set to hit the shelves at both Asda and Spar stores having launched in the UK earlier this year in June, initially for sale directly from the brand's online retail store.

The brand's bars, including The Crunch, Deez Nuts, Milk Chocolate and Original Chocolate, were rolled out across over 400 Asda stores this July as well as a number of Spar convenience stores around the country too.

Following the recent craze for Prime, an energy drink introduced to the market by famous YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, the Mr Beast Feastables bars are also expected to be sought after snacks.

Describing the bars, the Featables website says MrBeast is changing the game with better for you snacking, starting with MrBeast Bar, our amazing chocolate bar made with only 4 base ingredients.

We recently covered the launch of the Feastables snack bars on the blog here.