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​Chobani, America's leading Greek Yoghurt brand, has this month launched its first ever non-dairy, plat-based recipe with its Non-Dairy Chobani product. ...

Exploring the Rise in Sleep-Friendly Sweet Products

Sleep is something that both consumers and brands and becoming more and more savvy on - we explore what products are out there to help you get a good night's kip...

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Exploring Keto as Chipotle Adds New Keto Bowl to its Menu

In the month of new diets and healthy eating resolutions, we take a closer look at the Keto diet, along with the news that QSR chain Chipotle have launched a new Keto Bowl, fitting the diet's rise in popularity...

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Regional Pizza, How It's Done In America

The pizza is a firm favourite for the Americans, so much so that they have regional variants of the savoury decorated dough-based dish - we look at who does what. ...

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Kids Menu In Focus - Thomas Keller's Mexican Restaurant

We've seen a rise in the complexity and adultness of children's food menus over the pasts months and years, so Thomas Keller's new Mexican restaurant menu was quick to catch our eye...

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