Christmas categorywatching Report Trend Reveals Part 1

Each December our trends team compiles the annual Christmas categorywatching report covering everything we've seen happening - and what's been missing this year too - over on the tfp trendhub. In advance of the full report being published, we've compiled the first six of our 12 Christmas categorywatching report reveals - some of the leading trends from this year's report.

1. Pink - Our first Christmas reveal is the colour pink. Disco ball bright takes its place alongside tradition this year, as we also celebrate with a difference, and with it comes buckets of optimism - well received after the testing last few festive seasons we've all endured.

2. Tiramisu – Our second Christmas reveal is the pudding tiramisu. This season we've been seeing all year-round dessert favourites bringing a nostalgic vibe to Christmas celebrations, and the tiramisu is proving one of the most popular this year.

3. Gammon – Our third reveal from our Christmas categorywatching report is gammon. Pork is relatively cheaper and can be easier to get hold of this year, factors that carry added importance in times of a cost of living crisis. As a result, porky recipes such as gammon and porchetta are trending.

4. Crispy Sprouts – Our fourth Christmas reveal is the simple sprout. Love or hate them, these little vegetables are constantly being reimagined and when fried with a fermented chilli dressing, they are even more appealing. How will you have yours this Christmas?

5. Beef Wing Rib – Our fifth Christmas reveal is beef wing rib. The nationwide shortage of Turkeys across the UK this year due following outbreaks of bird flu means that alternative cuts of meat are proving very popular, including this particular cut of beef.

6. Scones – Finally, our sixth Christmas reveal is scones. Affordable everyday lines, such as scones, are receiving the Christmassy treatment this year. Simple festive twists are being added to make some of the basics look and feel like they belong as part of the celebrations this month.

We've been revealing our 12 leading Christmas trends day-by-day over on our Instagram. We'll share the second half our 12 Christmas categorywatching report reveals ahead of the real festive celebrations next weekend.