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The oldest bar snack "made over"!

Typically a greasy, salty snack sold in pubs and called pork scratching, Mr Trotters Pork Crackling take scratchings to a whole new level...

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trend setting cuisines and chefs for 2012

thefoodpeople have released their trend setting cuisine and influencing cuisines for 2012. Each year we take a look at 20 global cuisines and rank them according to their trend setting influence, in addition we take a look at the chefs that will be influencing the gastronomic stage...

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thefoodpeople share their favourite Christmas products

Pounding the pavements in the bitter cold, looking for those unique and innovative products are all part of the course at this time of the year for thefoodpeople.

In 2011 the themes range from stark white to flamboyant feathers and pastel tones to natural and paired back, so something for everyone.

We’ve seen some truly innovative and interesting products all helping consumer to either make Christmas easy, create a wow or surprise or just to share festive cheer. We couldn’t possible list them all but a few of our favourites that include a Turkey Brining kit, Glittering Marmalade and a Gingerbread House kit...

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thefoodpeople 2011 Christmas Message

Rather than sending Christmas cards to all of our many hundreds of subscribers and contacts across the food industry, we feel that there are some charitable groups that would benefit more from the financial support than our subscribers and contacts would benefit from the card, so that’s what we have done...

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food service trends 2012 released by thefoodpeople

thefoodpeople have released the 2012 food service trends predictions to subscribers. A few of the trends that we can expect to see in everything from fast food to casual dining and fine dining include fire cooking, stripped out service, agro tourism, chef farmers, wild harvest, less heat for longer, pure molecular regress and neo-global foods...

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