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The British Street Food Awards

The British Street Food Awards have begun a new working relationship with Land Securities, the largest commercial property company in the UK.  This comes off the back of Richard Johnson, the founder of the British Street Food Awards and the author of Street Food Revolution, declaring that his aim was to develop street food in Britain on private land rather than public...

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French Michelin Stars 2012

As always, the Michelin Guide France remains the most waited of all the guides, what with it being the birth place of the coveted stars and all that. This year it does not fail to disappoint with 4,457 hotels and 4,289 restaurants recommended, 426 establishments listed for the first time, one new restaurant with 3 stars, 10 with 2 stars, 58 with 1 star and 124 new Bib Gourmand restaurants. In 10 years, the number of starred restaurants in France has risen by 15% and the number of Bib Gourmands by 40%. Dining every day in a wide variety of restaurants across all price categories, the Michelin guide inspectors can attest to fact that quality everywhere in on the rise...

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Like A Kid In A Sweetshop

March 2012 sees the launch of the unique online reservations experience for The Fat Duck. Guests dining at Heston Blumenthal’s renowned restaurant in Bray, will be sent an invitation in anticipation of their visit, allowing them to enter a secret location to view an exclusive animated world of The Fat Duck. The tour ends with a trip to a make-believe sweetshop. Actor John Hurt narrates as the shopkeeper, as listeners journey through The Fat Duck imaginary sweetshop, evoking the guests own childhood memories of excitement, discovery and expectation...

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Woolworths launches Australia's first virtual supermarket

Woolworths’ mobile shopping revolution continues with the unveiling of Australia’s first virtual supermarket. 

Tjeerd Jegen, Woolworths Director of Supermarkets said: “The walls of Town Hall Station in Sydney have been converted into a virtual supermarket and will feature more than 120 of Woolworths’ most popular products across all product categories, including our famous fresh food”...

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Dominique Ansel Bakery New York

When Dominique Ansel Bakery opened in November, the New York Times hit the nail on the head by calling it “not your everyday bakery”. The chef was the first in Manhattan to offer the Breton-specialty, Kouign Amann, which he calls DKA (“Dominique’s Kouign Amann”). Ansel has had to quadruple the production of these caramelized croissant-like pastries, and has been selling out every day since opening.

Following the buzz behind his Kouign Amann, Chef Ansel also helped fuel the cannelé craze. His recipe for these small flan-like “brownies” enriched with rum and vanilla received high reviews from various publications that have deemed cannelé the “new cupcake”.

In January he expanded his menu with more French classics that are seldom found outside of France, and a few of his own unique creations...

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