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Discover Your Perfect Cocktail at a Grey Goose Event

Grey Goose is labelled as the world’s best tasting vodka and this summer it’s bringing an innovative campaign to London, aimed at helping cocktails lovers to select a drink that is perfectly to their taste.

Every person has a unique taste profile, with a different reaction to each of the five elements of taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. In the same way that coffee drinkers know whether they like their latte ‘extra hot’, ‘skinny’ or ‘triple shot’, Grey Goose aims to give cocktail drinkers just the right vocabulary and understanding they need to be able to discover a cocktail that is just right for them...

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The Draft House crosses the river to Fitzrovia

Charlie McVeigh’s Draft House has finally crossed the river, securing a fifth site on the smoking hot corner of Charlotte Street & Goodge Street. The former Northumberland Arms, at 43 Goodge Street W1, has been watering Fitzrovians since the early 1800s.

The Draft House will open in July and aims to continue that tradition, dispensing the very finest cask and keg beers, accompanied by established Draft House classics such as foot-long scratchings and hamburger specials The Yolk, The Smoke and The Poke...

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African Volcano supports Habitat for Humanity

Award-winning Master Chef of Great Britain, Grant Hawthorne, has launched his own-label African Volcano Peri Peri sauces and marinades here in the United Kingdom. At present there are two lines: the Peri Peri marinade and the Peri Peri sauce.

Cape Town-born Mr Hawthorne will be donating 30 pence from every bottle sold to the initiatives of Habitat for Humanity in South Africa, to assist in their work, predominantly with the Youth Build. 


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Babycakes Pie Pop Maker

The Babycakes pie pop maker bakes sweet and savoury bite size pies on a stick. Add a favourite filling and a stick between 2 crust circles and bake 6 pie pops in 4 minutes or less...

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The World's 50 Best Restaurants

There’s nothing more delicious than the unveiling of the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Who isn’t fascinated by these temples of culinary excellence, the chefs behind them and how they rank against each other?...

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