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Hella Bitter

We’ve mentioned beer in cocktails before in foodwatching, now an American company operating out of Brooklyn have developed a brand of bitters focused on creating fine, hand-crafted cocktail accompaniments. Hella Bitter is part of a growing community of enthusiasts looking to take craft cocktails to boozy new heights...

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Heston's Picnics

According to the calendar, apparently summer is upon us. As we don our wellies and rain coats, and look up at the grey sky, knowing the date is the only reminder that it is the season of picnics and Pimm’s!

But this isn’t dampening Heston’s spirit as his head chef at The Crown (Heston’s pub in Bray) goes full into summer with a garden menu featuring dishes such as Chilled Gazpacho Soup with Horseradish Crème Fraiche and Pork Pie with Piccalilli to enjoy whilst you are, well, in the garden (brolly up of course)...

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Cereal:The Complete Story Kellogg's 2012

When it comes to breakfasts that give people a strong start to the day, cereal is near the top of the list – and Kellogg Company wants to give people the facts on this nutritious breakfast food.

Demonstrating its commitment to further growing – and sharing – the company's knowledge base around ready-to-eat cereal, Kellogg announced the launch of the 2012 edition of Cereal: The Complete Story. The updated research compendium includes a variety of data that illustrate the many health benefits of breakfast cereal...

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Skye Gyngell to become Culinary Director at Heckfield Place

Skye Gyngell will be taking on the role of Culinary Director at Heckfield Place, Hampshire – a country house hotel due to open March 2013 - and at a new London restaurant, due to open later this year. The London restaurant will be supplied with produce from Heckfield Place’s estate, while Skye’s distinctive philosophy will inform every aspect of dining both at Heckfield and the London site, from sourcing and menus through to plating and presentation...

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MFEST: A Unique Family Festival for Summer 2012

Mmm, MFest. M for music? M as in Mmm for yummy food? Good guesses, and almost right. The M stands for Morrisons as in supermarket! But this isn’t just a festival of Morrisons products, it does indeed include food, but also has headlining music acts such as Texas, The Human League and Bob Geldof.

Morrisons are headline sponsors of a groundbreaking addition to the summer festival calendar. On 7th and 8th of July in the grounds of Harewood House, MFEST will be a delicious mix of fantastic music, comedy, children’s entertainment and sport – all served up with an incredible fresh food experience...

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