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Dego Wine Bar & Restaurant Opens

Degò Wine Bar & Restaurant brings a new, bright and yet exciting presence to the Italian restaurant scene in London...

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Hunger Hits the Western World of Waste

It’s hard to stomach that in the United States 21 million children face real hunger every day of their lives and the numbers are increasing in the UK. Even harder to digest is the fact that the UK, US and Europe have nearly twice as much food as is required by the nutritional needs of their populations...

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thefoodpeople 2012 Food Trend Predictions

Not long to wait, the thinking is almost done, thefoodpeople 2012 annual food trend predictions and influencing cuisines reports will be avalible very soon, keep your eyes and ears open, they wont be long.

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Bacetti - delicious italian kisses

Meaning ‘little kisses’ in Italian, Bacetti is an authentic gelato bite covered by a thin coat of chocolate, yum yum...

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Chef Johnnie Mountain's New Venture

Great British Menu chef Johnnie Mountain has announced plans to open his second solo restaurant venture in the empty Atrium at 4 Millbank, in Westminster...

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