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Skye Gyngell to become Culinary Director at Heckfield Place

Skye Gyngell will be taking on the role of Culinary Director at Heckfield Place, Hampshire – a country house hotel due to open March 2013 - and at a new London restaurant, due to open later this year. The London restaurant will be supplied with produce from Heckfield Place’s estate, while Skye’s distinctive philosophy will inform every aspect of dining both at Heckfield and the London site, from sourcing and menus through to plating and presentation...

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MFEST: A Unique Family Festival for Summer 2012

Mmm, MFest. M for music? M as in Mmm for yummy food? Good guesses, and almost right. The M stands for Morrisons as in supermarket! But this isn’t just a festival of Morrisons products, it does indeed include food, but also has headlining music acts such as Texas, The Human League and Bob Geldof.

Morrisons are headline sponsors of a groundbreaking addition to the summer festival calendar. On 7th and 8th of July in the grounds of Harewood House, MFEST will be a delicious mix of fantastic music, comedy, children’s entertainment and sport – all served up with an incredible fresh food experience...

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Italian Aperitivo at Aurelia

Aurelia has opened its doors to the first real 'Italian Aperitivo' of the summer every day from 6pm - 9pm. The experience of the aperitivo is a decades old Italian ritual and now Aurelia's patrons can partake in this tradition by sampling the complimentary canapes and appetizers on offer to enjoy with their pre-dinner drink...

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Eat London 2:Ultimate foodie guide for this Olympic season

In the lead-up to the Olympic Games in London this summer, a superlatively comprehensive guide to the best of the city's food has just landed. Eat London 2 revamps the original 2007 edition with a new and updated array, taking the reader through the most toothsome digs in 15 London neighborhoods. The mouthwatering arrangement is the product of restaurateurs Peter Prescott and Terence Conran, who present the book as their personal guide to restaurants of the British capital...

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New App Will Revolutionize Hand Picked Crop Harvesting

The advances in smartphone technology have made a big impact on the retail sales and inventory markets. Stores like Apple have moved to total iPhone control of all retail transactions. Predictions now hold that 30% of all retail transactions will be originated from start phone Point-of-sale (POS) technology in 2012.

Now that same technology is available for farm berry, citrus and vegetable harvest tracking. Developed by Big Sea Development and LEECO, Inc. in central Florida, BucketLoad  is now ready for use in field harvesting and tracking operations...

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