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Most Expensive Hot Dog in World Infused with $2000 Cognac

dougieDog Hot Dogs, a popular Vancouver eatery renowned for its creative all-natural hot dogs, has just added the Dragon Dog to its menu - with a price tag of $100...

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L'Asso Pizza New York

Labelled ‘Top 5 Gourmet’ by Time Out NYC, ‘Best Pizza in Manhattan’ by Daily News and ‘Best of Manhattan’ by NY Press, these pizzas are something to write home about...

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Nestlè Professional & thefoodpeople celebrate British food

Nestlè Professional & thefoodpeople celebrate the best of British with series of trend inspired recipes that help chefs implement the latest food trends across their menu using the quality stocks from CHEF® ...

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LIMA is coming to London

Peruvian food and drink has a long and distinguished history and for many has come to be considered one of the finest and fastest growing international gastronomic movements today.  In Spring 2012 chef Virgilio Martinez and the Gonzalez brothers, will open LIMA in Fitzrovia, London, a new restaurant integrating traditional and contemporary Peruvian cuisine...

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The Street Food Revolution - Infographic

When you think of street food, do you think of greasy burgers from a battered van or Goan seafood from a modern trailer? We’re witnessing a street food revolution and thefoodpeople have been keeping a close eye on this global food trend...

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