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Russian Designers Create 'Eggstatic' Packaging

We’ve seen hot cans, now it’s time for hot eggs. This is just ingenious!  The Gogol Mogol is a single-use cardboard egg box made with special chemical layers that produce heat when activated, similar to the technology used for self-heating tins from calcium hydroxide, water and other chemicals which create heat when mixed together. A tag pulled from the container sets off a chemical reaction which makes the small package warm up and cook the egg in just two minutes...

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Claude and Cedric Bosi to open The Malt House

Claude Bosi and brother Cedric have acquired their second pub in South West London, The Malt House in Fulham.  Situated in a quiet street in the heart of Fulham Broadway, the pub will open its doors in February 2013 after a major refurbishment...

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Heinz Beanz update their flavours

Heinz Beanz have updated their bean offer with 5 new flavoured varieties. Targeting lunchtimes, they include Cheddar Cheese, Garlic & Herbs, Barbecue, Curry or a burst of Fiery Chilli!...

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Switchel - American heritage beverage from Vermont

At Prospect restaurant in Brooklyn they serve up this variation of the vaguely sweet, vinegar-based refresher as a mixer—it pairs best with rum—and the beverage's enigmatic blend of refined ginger, apple cider vinegar, Vermont maple syrup and water tastes like the perfect seasonal compliment to a Thanksgiving meal...

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Spain Michelin Stars 2013

The five restaurants that received three stars in last year’s guide were once again awarded the highest distinction this year: Akelare and Arzak in San Sebastián, Martín Berasategui in Lasarte-Oria (Guipúzcoa), Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) and El Celler de Can Roca in Girona...

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