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Retail Trends - can you afford to ignore them?

Let’s be clear about trends from the start – you must keep an open mind. One man’s heaven is another man’s hell. Cast your mind back to 2012 – who’d have thought gourmet marshmallow, artisan popcorn and hot dogs would have caused such fuss. James Knappett took the hint with hot dogs and now look at him – Bubbledogs was one of the biggest launches the UK saw last year.

Hot on the heels of our last blog about flavours and ingredients, let’s a look at the wider picture and how these translate into products. Taking macro trends as a given – social, financial, health, environmental and political - we can think about consumer trends for 2013 – what are we likely to see?...

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Farmhouse Breakfast Week 20-26 Jan 13

Farmhouse Breakfast Week champions the importance of eating breakfast and aims to get the nation to shake up its wake up and incorporate breakfast into our routine. The campaign is organised on behalf of UK cereal farmers and producers, who grow and process foods used to make breakfast products. 

Experts come together to give the latest advice and nutritional information about why it’s important to make time for breakfast. This year, TV cookery expert and mum of two, Nadia Sawalha will be offering hints and tips on how to make time for breakfast and sharing one of her favourite breakfast recipes. Leading dietician Nigel Denby will be offering expert health advice and healthy breakfast options.  ...

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Are YOU ready for farmhouse breakfast week?

All over the country people are getting involved in events, from farm shops, to schools, markets and village halls, people will be serving up breakfast. Most of these events take place on Sunday 20th, so get organised – and breakfast will be served!...

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Lidl trials 'healthy till' - new family friendly initiative

Lidl has launched a trial 'Healthy Till' in each of its 600 stores this week by replacing 'treat' items such as chocolate with products of a higher nutritional value like multivitamin juice and fresh fruit. The initiative is being trialed for an initial 10-week period in order to assist parents in making a considered choice when purchasing their goods. Should the customer response prove positive, it will be rolled out as a permanent fixture...

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What's your favourite apple?

We eat our way through billions of apples a year and there are over 3500 varieties, but what’s the nation’s favourite?...

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