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Popping Up for Spring

Raw food, banquets, Nigerian fusion and Tacos are all expected to pop up somewhere around the capital this Spring. But what really caught our eye was the Asparagasm Vegan & Gluten Feast in Hackney.

It may sound all buckwheat and lentils, but think about it. Once upon a time we thought gluten-free was niche, whacky and would never go mainstream – but …! With the rise in flexitarianism, there’s room for all elements of eating, and that includes vegan. So, on to the feast&helli...

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13 Michelin Stars - One Feast at Harrods

Imagine dining at a 13 Michelin-starred restaurant. Oh, the headlines! On Sunday 28th April, Harrods brings seven of the most sought-after Michelin-starred Italian chefs to London for an extremely exclusive lunch. Carlo Cracco, Gennaro Esposito, Massimo Bottura, Enrico and Roberto Cerea, Davide Scabin and Luciano Monosilio will each be cooking a creative contemporary Italian dish for the sublime seven-course Identità London 2013 menu...

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How do you know which wine you'll like - do the maths!

How people select and enjoy wine is about to change. Just launched, Taste Factor, a start-up wine sales company, will help consumers discover wines tailored to their individual tastes via a wine recommendation engine that uses sophisticated algorithms usually home to academia and NASA...

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Zipz portable wine

Beginning this Spring, Zipz, a ground-breaking new collection of elegant, single-serve wines takes the premium drinking experience anywhere.

Using proprietary packaging, each Zipz glass is made from high-quality, food-grade PET plastic that looks and feels like traditional glassware. This innovative packaging allows Zipz wines to be served anywhere standard glassware is not an option, including stadiums, arenas, convention centres, hotel and resort pool areas, and the beach...

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Jimmy Choo high tea Landmark Oriental Hotel HK

What’s the next best thing things to a pair of Jimmy Choo’s? Why, a cake that looks like them!...

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