Food for thought | Page 298

Bacetti - delicious italian kisses

Meaning ‘little kisses’ in Italian, Bacetti is an authentic gelato bite covered by a thin coat of chocolate, yum yum...

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Chef Johnnie Mountain's New Venture

Great British Menu chef Johnnie Mountain has announced plans to open his second solo restaurant venture in the empty Atrium at 4 Millbank, in Westminster...

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thefoodpeople speak at Food Health Conference, Denmark

Wayne Edwards, Director & Co Founder of thefoodpeople just returned from speaking about Health Trends in Denmark...

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Strawberry Milk Pepsi

Pepsi Japan continues its experiments with its cola taste and introduces a new Pepsi Pink...

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Tesco Subway Virtual Store

Grocery store shoppers, particularly in cities, face two fundamental problems: making time to get to the store, and transporting groceries home from there...

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